Osiedle Zacisze
Osiedle Zacisze - Dom nad wodą
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Make your home in a very special place – by the water

This new housing estate „Zacisze – dom nad wodą” (“Seclusion” – House by the water) is situated on the bank of a pristine lake in Zabierzów Bocheński. Here is where you will not only enjoy a wonderful view but also the possibility of fishing, bathing and boating.

Fenced in, the estate consists of 6 semi-detached houses. Each has a garage and its own allocated plot. The houses distinguish themselves with a high finished-off standard and energy-efficiency. All this in the environs of Niepołomice and Kraków.

Your house is the most important place in the world. This is where you rest and relax, spend time with your family, dream up plans, and just enjoy life.

Your house is going to be:

close to Niepołomice and Krakow (40 min
  from the centre of Krakow),
situated directly by the water’s edge,
energy efficient - equipped with a solar
  heating system, a water-jacketed fire place
  and a single-function gas heater and tank,
comfortable - floor heating in bathrooms
  and kitchen
safe - in an enclosed estate.